About CAA Arts Access

Arts Access is a hub — for experiences, for insider access, for discovery. We connect artists, scholars, producers, and audiences through dynamic programs and resources. The entire Columbia alumni community is welcome.


CAA Arts Access — known as the Columbia Alumni Arts League from 2007 to 2013 — has been opening doors to galleries, theaters, concert halls, and museums for more than 30,000 Columbia University alumni since its founding. Since becoming part of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) in 2010, the program has broadened the scope of its offerings.

Arts Access Membership

Your Columbia diploma is your ticket in. Membership is free and open to all alumni. Access the arts today.

What does membership include?

  • Invitations to special Arts Access events
  • Benefits and discounts at over 60 leading cultural organizations
  • Free tickets and special offers
  • Access to artsConnect, a platform connecting alumni working in the arts
  • A curated monthly cultural digest 

Our calendar has the most up-to-date arts and culture listings in any genre, for any interest. See it all or focus in on events for Arts Professionals, for Recent Alumni, or for Families.

Check your inbox regularly for our newsletter with members-only event invitations, special and free ticket offers, and alumni artist news.

Attend our Members-Only Arts Access Events.  Choose from events for all members, for families, for recent alumni, or for alumni professionally involved with the arts.


artsConnect is a platform for Columbians in the arts. Attend arts industry-focused events. Share your successes. Post a job. Ask a question. Get advice. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Log in or Join Arts Access to create a Listing.

  • Patty Tsai TC'11, Associate Director, CAA Arts Access

Alumni leaders in the arts play an integral role in shaping CAA Arts Access.

Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti '12CC, Chair

Daniel Mitura '09CC, Co-Chair

Steven Chaikelson '89CC, '93SOA, '93LAW

Ian Cofre '03CC

Carol Finley '83BC, '86LAW, '87BUS

Kate Flanagan '12SOA

Christina Macchiarola ‘10CC, ‘13SOA

Ken-David Masur '02CC

James Reda '81SEAS

Anrika Rupp '81SEAS

Fred Strype '02SOA

Bryan VanDyke '00SOA

Althea Viafora-Kress '00GS

Margarita (Ari) Brose '84BC, Advisory role

Mandy Hackett '92BC, Advisory role

Tom Kitt '96CC, Advisory role

Peter Kujawski '00CC, Advisory role

Diane Paulus '97SOA, Advisory role

Laura Pietropinto '00CC, Advisory role

Rita Pietropinto-Kitt, '93CC, '96SOA, Advisory role

Philippa Portnoy '86BC, '90BUS, Advisory role

Shaiza Mariam Rizavi-Friedland '96BUS, Advisory role

Michael Sellinger '91BUS, Advisory role

Ron Simons ‘82CC, ‘89BUS, Advisory role

Barbara Whitman '05SOA, Advisory role

Columbia Alumni Association (CAA)

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is a global network connecting Columbians of all schools to one another and to the University. It links 300,000 alumni through more than 100 regional clubs and shared interest groups, online resources, and over 200 programs around the world each year. Learn more at alumni.columbia.edu.

Contact us


CAA ArtsAccess
Columbia Alumni Center
622 West 113th Street 4th Floor
Mail Code 4520
New York, NY, 10025




Who can join CAA Arts Access?

Alumni of all Columbia University schools and affiliates (including Barnard and Teachers College) can join Arts Access as well as all current faculty and staff, graduating students, parents of current students, and supporters of Columbia University.


How can I join CAA Arts Access?

You can join CAA Arts Access by clicking on “JOIN” from the navigation bar on all pages of the website. 

All alumni can join by using either a Columbia UNI (University Network ID) and Password, or by using an e-mail address.  Joining with a UNI will give you immediate access to the members-only part of the website.  If you join with an e-mail, you will receive a verification e-mail first, which you will have to follow to complete the registration.

All faculty, staff, and students have to join by using a UNI and password.


I don't remember my UNI and password. Can I still join CAA Arts Access? 

Yes.  You can either join with an e-mail address or retrieve your UNI and password by visiting https://alumni.columbia.edu/unis/ 


I joined CAA Arts Access with my e-mail address but did not receive a verification e-mail to complete my registration.  Am I already a member?  What do I need to do? 

Please check your SPAM folder first.  If the e-mail still has not arrived, please contact us at alumniarts@columbia.edu 


Is there a CAA Arts Access membership fee? 

No, membership is free and you do not need to renew.  But if you were a paying member of the Columbia Alumni Arts League and would like to continue supporting The Arts Initiative at Columbia University or the arts at Columbia University, you can do so by following the Donate link found in the CAA Arts Access website footer.


Will my CAA Arts Access membership expire? 

No.  Your membership will not expire, but you can opt out of membership at any time. 


What do I receive when I join CAA Arts Access? 

CAA Arts Access members receive invitations to exclusive events, ongoing discounts and benefits at over 80+ cultural organizations, access to artsConnect – a platform for alumni working in the arts, and special offers. 


How can I redeem my membership benefits? 

Each ongoing discount or special offer featured in our calendar or in our monthly newsletter has instructions on how to redeem the offer.  Discounts and benefits can be redeemed by using a special promotional code. All special promotional codes are visible to logged-in members on our website. See the full list of ongoing discounts from our Cultural Partners here.


How can I register for events? 

If it is a CAA Arts Access event, once you are logged in to the site, you will have access to the registration link. 

If it is an event offered by a cultural organization, please follow registration instructions in the event description. 


Can I bring guests to CAA Arts Access events? 

Yes!  You can purchase guest ticket(s) at the member price.  The maximum number of guest tickets depends on the event.


I am a recent graduate and am interested in attending programs with fellow young alumni. Are there specific programs offered through CAA Arts Access? 

Yes! Please look at our calendar and filter it by “Recent Alumni” category – you will see all events recommended for recent alumni, any special offers from cultural institutions for recent alumni, and any CAA Arts Access events specifically created for recent alumni.


Are there any programs available through CAA Arts Access that I can bring my kids to? 

Yes!  Please look at our calendar and filter it by “Families” category – you will see all events recommended for families, any special offers from cultural institutions for families, and any CAA Arts Access events specifically created for families.


I am a graduate who is professionally involved with the arts.  Can I promote my work through CAA Arts Access and are there any special benefits available for me?

Yes!  All CAA Arts Access members have access to artsConnect – our “Craigslist” for alumni working in the arts, allowing them to post information about an upcoming event, such as an exhibition opening, a screening, a performance, a book signing, or anything else featuring alumni in the arts. 


What is artsConnect? 

artsConnect is a platform for alumni professionals in the arts, working in any field, in any capacity. Once you become a member, you can share your successes and promote your work, find fellow alumni working in the arts, ask for guidance, offer guidance, search classifieds, and learn about professional resources offered to alumni.


Who can post to artsConnect? 

All logged-in members can post to artsConnect.  Once you are logged-in, please visit the artsConnect page on our website, and follow the link to “Create a Listing.” 


What can I post to artsConnect?  

The categories on artsConnect are: Alumni Artist News & Events, Guidance & Advice, and Classifieds.  You can post anything arts-focused that fits within these categories, within the genres of Architecture & Design, Dance, Fashion, Film, Literature, Music, and Visual Arts.


Can the artsConnect listings be viewed by everyone?  

When you  are creating an artsConnect listing, you can choose to mark the post “public” or “private.”  Everyone visiting the site will be able to view a short listing synopsis on the main artsConnect page; if the listing is marked “public,” everyone visiting the site will be able to view the full listing and all details; if the listing is marked “private,” only logged-in members of CAA Arts Access will be able to view the full listing  and all details.


I am already a member of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA). Does this mean that I am also a member of CAA Arts Access? 

If you are a graduate of Columbia University you are automatically a member of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) and can attend any CAA-hosted events.  CAA Arts Access is a special program of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA).  Membership to CAA Arts Access and all membership benefits are free and accessible by all alumni, but you have to sign up first by joining through our website. 


Will I receive a CAA Arts Access membership card? 

Previously, CAAL members received a physical membership card. Now, membership is free and so CAA Arts Access members can access all of the benefits of membership through the program's website. Log in and access discount codes and special event offerings. Members can access their electronic membership card under the account tab.


How can I become more involved with CAA Arts Access as a volunteer?   

We welcome all alumni who want to contribute their time and expertise to CAA Arts Access!  We would be delighted to speak with you; please contact us at alumniarts@columbia.edu. Current volunteer opportunities are listed on Volunteer Columbia.