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The big get BIGGER, the rich get RICHERER, the powerful get even more POWERFULLERERER! … but who Trumps them all? Witness the private lives of the titans of industry. Who falls from grace? Who marries up? Who moves to Washington? Find out in this improvised comedy based on the IRTE hit "Big, Rich & Powerful"!

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Calling All Artists: Making Public Health Public 2018

“Making Public Health Public” is an evening with art and artists to promote awareness of major public health topics and challenges facing our community and the world. We are looking for artists (dance, music (instrumental, vocal, composing), photographers, filmmakers, actors, artisans (fabric, handcrafts, wood, metal, glass, drawing, painting, clay, sculpting, calligraphy , and more) to help raise awareness among members of the NY metropolitan region about major public health challenges. Planning is underway for an event at Columbia University. This is not a fundraiser and is meant to be a celebration and to honor our collective creativity in raising awareness about all areas of public health!

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