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A program of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), Arts Access is a hub — for experiences, for insider access, for discovery.

We connect artists, scholars, producers, and audiences through dynamic programs and resources.  

Membership is free and open to all alumni.   

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  • CAA Arts Access and CVC: Art, Tech and...

    "How many people heard the phrase 'ArtTech' a year ago? 3 years ago? Today there are over 800 art startups"--Brendan Burns '95BUS, Panel Moderator On March 5th, members of CAA Arts Access and the...

  • World Theatrical Premiere of Documentary...

    CAA Arts Access is thrilled to be part of the celebration for the World Theatrical Premiere of WINNING , a new documentary film by director, producer, and editor Jacqueline Joseph '91BUS . The film...

  • Coming Soon! Columbians on Broadway

    Summer is teeming with activity as Broadway prepares its fall season. This fall, we can anticipate a bevy of new Broadway shows with Columbia alumni, faculty, and students at the helm. We follow up...


Feminist Magic Play "Woman Illusion" in NYC

Come see The Woman Illusion! Created by and featuring three Columbia alumni, '16GS Jackson Ridd, '15BC Piper Rasmussen, and '09SOA Nadia Levin. The Woman Illusion is a playful, wicked gallery of ways to be a woman. Our small cast uses the magic of theatre, and sleight-of-hand art by Magic Castle magician Jackson "Jax" Ridd to unravel spellbinding everyday acts of femininity from the podium to the bedroom. The result is revolution.

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New Album from Paul Moravec '82GSAS, '88SOA: The Blizzard Voices

Known as the nation’s foremost label launched by an orchestra and devoted exclusively to new and 20th Century music, BMOP/sound today announced its 54th and latest album release The Blizzard Voices by the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec. 

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