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Donkey Punch

Uninhibited Kareena delves into monogamy while her uptight best friend, Sam, starts dating a pornographer. In the ultramodern world of sex, relationships and blurred lines, is it punch or be punched? Provocative, funny yet heartwarming, this is a tale of two very different women and what it means for each of them to be sexually free and fulfilled — and at what cost. After a critically acclaimed run in June, Ivy Theatre has transferred their production of Micheline Auger's DONKEY PUNCH to Off-Broadway’s Soho Playhouse. Whether it’s a date night or a girl’s night out, this show will deliver just the right punch.

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Red Eye of Love

A GIRL-MEATS-BOY LOVE STORY Selma Chargesse is torn between her love of money and her passion for idealism and the two men who offer her one or the other—Wilmer, the naïve young dreamer and O.O. Martinas, the proprietor of the world’s largest meat department store. Could she have both? Don’t miss this rare musical ready for prime time that tugs at the heart and tickles the funny bone. Any way you slice it, this is red meat for musical theater lovers and that’s no bum steer!

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