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  • New Opera Scalia/Ginsburg

    “The Justices are blind! How can they possibly spout this—? The Constitution says absolutely nothing about this” “You are searching in vain for a bright-line solution To a problem that isn’t so...

  • Coping and Plath. at FringeNYC

    The New York International Fringe Festival, also known as “FringeNYC,” has become one of the seminal multi-arts events in the country. Founded in 1997, the festival takes place over the course of...

  • Columbia at Art Basel Switzerland 2015

    The international art show Art Basel is a showcase for Modern and Contemporary works of art that brings leading art galleries from around the world to the heart of Europe each June. The art fair...


Peace is Loud is Hiring!

Peace is Loud, a a non-profit organization providing a creative approach to conflict prevention, gender equality and peacebuilding through media, live events and storytelling, is hiring an Outreach and Engagement Manager for Media Projects. 

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The League of Extraordinary Blondes at The Dream Up Festival

An improvised action packed comedy adventure based on audience suggestions and the brave teamwork of the most famous blondes in the world!

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