Queens Museum Announces Biennial Artists

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Queens Museum Announces Biennial Artists

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On July 25, 2018, the Queens Museum announced the list of forty-three artists and collectives participating in the biennial exhibition Queens International 2018: Volumes, which will open on October 7, 2018. The artists selected in the exhibition hail from fifteen neighborhoods in Queens, representing several generations with the majority of the artists who are women. The participating artists feature several Columbia University School of the Arts alumni and faculty including Gabo Camnitzer, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, SOA Faculty, Visual Arts; Kim Hoeckele, SOA Adjunct Faculty, Visual Arts; Heidi Howard '14SOA; Asif Mian '18SOA; and Liz Phillips, SOA Adjunct Faculty, Sound Arts.

Complementing the exhibition will be a suite of public programs both onsite at Queens Museum and off-site at Queens Library branches, produced in conversation with works on view. This is the first time the Queens Museum is partnering with the Queens Library to present artworks in select library branches.

The institution also launched an exhibition website, which will serve as an alternative way to experience the event. Designed by artist Ryan Kuo, who is known for addressing organizational hierarchies and information architecture in his works, the exhibition website will serve as a virtual 3D model of the venue that is organized on a 2D plane. The website is intended to simultaneously serve as an experiential tool and an extension of the ideas within the exhibition.

Visit the exhibition website here.

About the Queens International Biennial 

Since its inauguration in 2002, Queens International has highlighted the contemporary cultural production of Queens in a single major group exhibition approximately every two years. Queens International 2018: Volumes forms a dialog among forty-three Queens-connected artists representing fifteen neighborhoods and several generations, including, for the first time, artists who have exhibited in earlier Internationals. In 2018, also for the first time, Queens International includes a partnership with the Queens Library.

The subtitle Volumes encompasses many historical and current meanings of the word. Artists respond to the entire museum and select Queens Library branches, questioning and expanding systems of knowledge production and their effects on how we become and order who we are. What aspects of the past are constructed within and because of libraries and museums? What limits and possibilities do they present spatially, temporally, and virtually, today? Artists in QI 2018 are working through abstraction, chance operations, the transformation of found materials, and the construction of new archives along with other strategies to pose profound and multiple questions about centuries- or decades- old human systems, algorithmically-generated realities, and possibilities for selfhood.

While Volumes marks an expansive presence in both the Queens Museum and Queens Library branches, its interventions are largely non-monumental, positioned rather for speculation and dialog with these sites, its publics, and beyond. Together, they form a complex array of contemporary artistic thought and conversation with which the visitor is invited to engage.

The full list of participating artists is as follows:

Damali Abrams

Haley Bueschlen

Gabo Camnitzer

Emmy Catedral

Camel Collective (Anthony Graves and Carla Herrera-Prats)

Kanad Chakrabarti

Jesse Chun

Oscar Rene Cornejo

Chris Domenick

Brian Droitcour and Christine Wong Yap

Ray Ferreira

Christina Freeman

Milford Graves

Janet Henry

Camille Hoffmann

Kim Hoeckele

Heidi Howard and Liz Phillips

Qiren Hu

Juan Iribarren

Paolo Javier and David Mason

Peter Kaspar

Patrick Killoran

Ernesto Klar

Essye Klempner

Mo Kong

Ani Liu

Umber Majeed

Emilio Martinez Poppe

Gloria Maximo

Asif Mian

Wardell Milan

Beatrice Modisett

Arthur Ou

KT Pe Benito

Gabriela Salazar

Raycaster (Ziv Schneider and Shirin Anlen)

Jaret Vadera

Mary A. Valverde

Cullen Washington

Jack Whitten