New Netflix Original Documentary THE MASSACRE AT THE STADIUM

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New Netflix Original Documentary THE MASSACRE AT THE STADIUM


Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt '07SOA (Film Program)'s new documentary, THE MASSACRE AT THE STADIUM is now streaming worldwide on Netflix as part of their original "ReMastered" series. It follows the life and tragic death of Chilean folk legend Victor Jara who sang for peace, love, and social justice in Chile until he was murdered during Pinochet's 1973 coup. Decades later, a Chilean officer living in the U.S. is found responsible for Jara's death and attempts to exonerate himself.

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"ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium' ranks as an overwhelming success. With its rich mix of politics, music, and Perlmutt’s effective peering into the human condition, it’s the series’ best offering by far."-The Daily Dot

Snippets of Bruce Springsteen and Bono honoring Jara in the first minutes of Massacre serve as an entryway for the uninitiated. But the documentary, which relies on unflinching footage of the beating and killing of student activists in Santiago de Chile, as well as enlightening interviews, is an emotional watch for the many who know the story of Jara and his music well. -Billboard Magazine

“Masacre en el Estadio' es un capítulo de la producción de Netflix ReMasted que es necesario ver, por su contenido histórico, su vigencia y el  gran trabajo de recopilación. El director fue cuidadoso en contrastar argumentos de unos y otros en el caso del juicio al teniente Barrientos. Es un documental con buen ritmo, que no aburre y que a ratos emociona."-Crónica Digital (Chile)