Columbia Filmmakers Head to the Toronto Film Festival

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Columbia Filmmakers Head to the Toronto Film Festival


The Toronto International Film Festival is dedicated to presenting the best of international and Canadian cinema and creating transformational experiences for film lovers and creators of all ages and backgrounds. The festival runs from September 6 to 16. This year, 9 films by Columbia filmmakers will screen at the festival that takes place this month.

The films included in this year's festival are below:

Tel Aviv on Fire, directed by Alumnus Sameh Zoabi ’15SOA and co-written by Special Lecturer Dan Kleinman 

Screwdriver, written and directed by Alumnus Bassam Jarbawi ’10SOA and produced by Alumnus Shrihari Sathe ’09SOA

The Mercy of the Jungle, co-written by Alumnus Casey Schroen ’12SOA

The Sweet Requiem (སྐྱོ་དབྱངས་མངར་མོ།), produced by Alumnus and Adjunct Assistant Professor Shrihari Sathe ’09SOA

Green Book, directed by Writing Alumnus Peter Farrelly ’86SOA

The Land of Steady Habits, written and directed by Alumna Nicole Holofcener ’88SOA

Viktoría, written and directed by Current Student Brúsi Ólason and produced by Current Student Kari Ulfsson

A New Year, written and directed by Alumnus George Sikharulidze ’17SOA

Interior, produced by recent Creative Producing Alumna Apoorva Charan ’18SOA

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